All the Good Ones Are Married

IMDb 4.8 95 min
Drama, Romance
Daryl Hannah, Matthew Knight, Nick Baillie, Barry Flatman, Emma Taylor Isherwood, Joanna Douglas, James McGowan, Judy Marshak
Terry Ingram
United States, Canada
5.7 / 11 times
Married with two teenagers, Alex Gold, an executive at a small fashion house, and Ben Gold, a restaurant manager, love each other. However, Ben begins to feel like the neglected party in Alex's life, as she seems to place her energies on work, or on helping others with their problems, almost like she is taking their marriage for granted. That is not the case however as she, without telling him, places a promotion on hold when Ben tells her that he has quit his job so that he can finish writing his book, the advance pages which have secured him a publisher. Alex doesn't see any problems in their marriage beyond what she considers regular issues as she considers herself happy, and as she doesn't pick up on the hints that Ben leaves for her that not all is well. Alex's latest "person" project is twenty-four year old Zoe Miller, a talented young designer at her company who has had a difficult life. Zoe stole from the company but on Alex's recommendation, Jack, the company owner, has placed Zoe on probation under Alex's supervision on a new handbag line. Personal circumstances have left Zoe currently homeless, leading to Alex offering Zoe a place to live in her home, a move she did not clear with Ben. While both Zoe and Ben work from home, they may see the other as the validation they need in life, which in turn could tear the Gold family apart permanently unless they all catch the signs. Zoe's unsavory past may also catch up with her.