Dead Ringers

IMDb 7.3 116 min
Drama, Thriller, Horror
Jeremy Irons, Stephen Lack, Nick Nichols, Geneviève Bujold, Barbara Gordon, Shirley Douglas, Heidi von Palleske, Lynne Cormack
David Cronenberg
United States, Canada
8.5 / 17 times
The twin brothers Beverly and Elliot Mantle are close to each other since they were kids. They are bright students at the medical school were they undergraduate in gynecology. They work in their clinic Mantle Inc. where Beverly is shy and hard worker and Elliot is eloquent, cynical and daring. When the actress Claire Niveau comes to their clinic for a fertilization treatment, Elliot seduces her and they have one night stand. Elliot offers Claire to Beverly and soon he falls in love with her. Claire is addicted in pills and Beverly becomes also addicted. When Claire accidentally discovers that Beverly has an identical twin brother, she finds the truth about her initial affair with Elliot and breaks up with Beverly. He becomes depressed and uses more pills reaching the rock bottom. Elliot decides to use pills to "synchronize" with his brother leading the Mantle's brothers to a tragic end.