Memphis Belle

IMDb 6.9 107 min
Drama, Action, War
DB Sweeney, Harry Connick Jr, Sean Astin, Billy Zane, Tate Donovan, Eric Stoltz, Matthew Modine, Reed Diamond
Michael Caton-Jones
United States, United Kingdom, Japan
8.2 / 43 times
It's May 17, 1943; the day before the Memphis Belle's, a B-17 bomber, 25th and final mission. After their final mission, they crew of ten men get to go home. Since they would be the first crew to finish all 25 missions in the 8th Airforce, there were already plans to make the 10-man crew big stars back home for the war effort. But the mission hadn't been flown yet. With the target being Bremen (not Dresden), which was a target heavy in surface-to-air artillery, the flak wouldn't be easy to get through. With weather, nerves, and dreams all playing a part in the finishing of the mission, the crew has to become the lead plane in the squadron and get the job done of bombing a Nazi supply factory, if they get it wrong, many innocent people could be killed.