My Bakery in Brooklyn

IMDb 4.6 100 min
Comedy, Romance
Aimee Teegarden, Ernie Sabella, Ward Horton, Blanca Suárez, Griffin Newman, Krysta Rodriguez, Letty Serra, Aitor Luna
Gustavo Ron
United States, Spain
5.8 / 85 times
Isabelle's, an old fashioned European-styled bakery in Brooklyn, has long been owned and operated by its namesake, Isabelle Moats. One of Isabelle's nieces, Vivien Moats, works part-time at the bakery, she an aspiring jewelry designer who has a sense of wanderlust. She finally has enough money in selling her jewelry to embark on her dream trip to Europe. The work at the bakery is solely to help Aunt Isabelle. Conversely, Isabelle's other niece, Chloe Moats, is more attuned to the world of baking than Vivien, but works instead as one of the staff cooks on the daytime show, "Happy in the Kitchen". Chloe is arguably more knowledgeable about food and a better cook/baker than the show host, Fernando, who she considers a pompous bone-head, she the only person on staff who will routinely stand up to him. Despite their fundamental differences - Vivien more reserved and Chloe more emotional - the cousins have long been best friends ever since their respective sets of parents passed away, leaving Aunt Isabelle to raise both of them. When Isabelle unexpectedly passes away, Vivien, who inherits fifty percent ownership of the bakery with Chloe being the other fifty percent owner - feels she has to put aside her European dream to honor Isabelle's dying words, which were "take care of her - the most valuable thing we have", she nodding toward the bakery. It becomes more urgent when they learn that Isabelle was deep in debt to the bank in running the bakery, the bank which threatens to take ownership. In keeping the bakery in business, the cousins may be helped or hindered by the assortment of odd characters in their lives: Ian, the young milquetoast who also worked in the bakery under Isabelle; Isabelle's older brother Dave Moats, who just retired from a career as a groundskeeper at a major league baseball stadium; Happy in the Kitchen's exotic set designer, Daniella, with who Ian falls in love at first sight; Nathan, the neighborhood blind shoe shine who is also clairvoyant in handling one's shoes; and Dimitry, Ian's Russian drug-dealing acquaintance. But what arguably may be the largest obstacles to overcome are: Vivien and Chloe's differences in operating the business, Vivien who knows the business and the quirks of the clientele while Chloe wants to go in a new modern direction; and Vivien's mutual and growing attraction to Paul, the bank representative who to them is fundamentally the enemy.