Stairway to Heaven

IMDb 8.1 104 min
Drama, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, War
Kim Hunter, David Niven, Robert Coote
United Kingdom
6.9 / 18 times
On May 2, 1945 during World War II, Englishman and Captain Peter David Carter is returning to England in a bomber on fire, without a parachute, and with his Sparks Bob dead. He contacts June, an American with the U.S. Army Air Forces on land and they start a conversation. June tells him that she is single and is presently living in Lee Wood, at the seaside, and Peter explains his situation and asks June to send a telegram to his mother, and tells that he will jump from the plane since he does not want to burn with the plane. Peter awakens in the surf of Lee Wood beach and he meets June and they fall in love with each other. Meanwhile in Heaven, Conductor 71 admits to the Powers That Be that he committed a mistake and lost Peter in the fog. Then he meets Peter and tells him that he must go to Heaven since he should have died in the fall. But Peter claims to the Court of Appeals in Heaven that the negligence of the Department of Records had allowed him to fall in love with June and he deserves a second chance. Down on Earth, June takes Peter to Doctor Reeves and the doctor finds a brain tumor that may be causing hallucinations in Peter, and tells her that he must operate in an urgent basis. While Peter is submitted to a surgery, heaven agrees to open a case in court and judge his fate.